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    Shikon No Tama: A Legend Continued [Private]


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    Re: Shikon No Tama: A Legend Continued [Private]

    Post by Tsubine on Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:12 pm

    Oshiro Kannaougi

    If Oshiro had any idea what his sword could do, he would have struck Aira down then. Unfortunately, he didn't know (neither did his writer). He tried to be nice and polite. He tried to work with the demon bitch. But no. She just had to be even more of a bitch than he initially thought. He took in a deep breath to keep from doing anything rash. "I can at least give you some respect for being civilized."

    Oshiro once again inhaled. "But that's it. I won't give you the respect you 'deserve' or 'demand.' I'm not going to insult you either, but that's because I know that making you angry probably won't be the smartest of ideas." His eyes turned resolute. His face became that of a mountain. He wasn't budging on this. "And since I would not either of us to be involved in a battle that could cause loss of life or limb before this Naraku is found, I think this is where we should depart. I will not consider you an enemy for this, but neither are you an ally. "

    Oshiro turned to Kirai. "And you... um..." He hesitated, trying to remember the kid's name. "Kurai, right. I implore you to think about using the Shikon no Tama the other way around. Legends state that using the jewel in such a manner also causes your mind to disappear—you would be only as intelligent as a common do— fo—" He stuttered, trying to figure out what a good example would be. "cow. Although you'd be a bit more aggressive."

    "I bid you both farewell." And Oshiro continued walking past them all. He hadn't realized that they were probably using the same road.


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    Re: Shikon No Tama: A Legend Continued [Private]

    Post by Silim on Sat Nov 28, 2015 5:14 pm

    "Well, aren't YOU aggressive. I'm retracting my earlier offer of help, I think." Raising an eyebrow at the outburst of the full blooded demon, Kirai simply crossed his arms in front of his chest with a huff. "I was walking in the same direction as you, princess. I never said I wanted to follow you, or that I'd serve you. Believe me, you're getting all the respect you deserve, but you DON'T have any right to command me. Know this and understand is at it is, for it will never change: Only ONE demon in the world can give me orders, and you aren't her." imitating her own way of speech, there was no hint of sarcasm involved - the half-kitsune was dead serious. She respected his desire, which was probably the only thing that made him not despise her right now, simply for what her words had implied - even if that respect was misplaced, which also didn't make him happy. Who would honestly WANT to lose the own mind? But what he wanted wasn't important here.

    "Whoever my mother decides to... 'mate'... with, is none of your damn business, princess. The only one with lower standing because of that is ME - don't you dare insult her. She owes no fealty or servitude to you. She's a wonderful being, graceful, with an inner strength and beauty you can't hope to match. Don't throw unearned respect my way, either. I would never throw away my self for power. I'm throwing my self away for HER. I'll respect you as it is your right... I'll walk away from you, keep my distance, never ask for your assistance, for I am beneath your notice. You think I don't know that? You think a half-demon who grew up with a clan of demons has a chance of not knowing that?!" Finally losing his composure a bit more, Kirai's arms slowly lowered, using his willpower alone to keep them at his sides - he still couldn't help his claws, in pointless anger, digging themselves into his own hands.

    "Insult me, belittle me, look down on someone like me, who'd throw himself away for his betters. I deserve no less... But don't. Insult. My. MOTHER!"

    And with shouting that final word, Kirai stormed right past the dog demon, blue fire trailing his slightly bleeding hands, not even really realizing that he was now following the priest again until his words rung again in Kirai's head.

    Become human... What a strange thought. He couldn't do that even if he didn't need the jewel for HER sake. Being a human was... scary, he knew that from experience each month. Not even being able to see in the dark, a simple cut would take weeks or months to heal, could get infected... He could catch some disease and just die shortly after, even. He never wanted to feel so powerless - he'd never be a demon... but he'd never be human, either. Kirai was too much of a coward for that possibility.
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    Re: Shikon No Tama: A Legend Continued [Private]

    Post by Serenity on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:19 pm

    Their outbursts were more than entertaining to her. She cared little if they chose one way or the other, but it seemed they would choose the harder way. She had to hold herself back from laughing while they both talked. One was a prideful dolt who didn't seem to understand his or her own power. While the other was a immature Momma's-Boy who thought he was more threatening than your average wolf. Aira brushed her hair back as she was run passed and just chuckled. "How cute... So Mother was right. Humans... so stubborn." she mumbled under her breath and looked back to the villagers. They were staring at Aira in fear at this point, which was understandable since the only two who could help them were now down the road.

    "Don't fear me. Though powerful, I am not murderous. I have enough self-control to not slaughter a weak and defenseless village." Aira said to them. They didn't calm down at all, of course, but Aira still turned and began walking away. "Though, for people who claim to not trust me or my kind... They sure were quick to leave you all at my mercy." was her final word to the villagers, intentionally planting a seed of distrust to grow for later. With a quick sniff of the air, Aira's eyes narrowed after catching a whiff of something and her direction changed. She turned and sped up, quickly vanishing from the village.

    Note: Go ahead and RP. Aira went the opposite direction. I do have another character that can/will show up.

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    Re: Shikon No Tama: A Legend Continued [Private]

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