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    Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]



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    Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Silim on Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:44 am

    Kamen Rider Spirits

    Registered Players: Tsubine, Raiki, Silim
    Open Spots: One spot is still open! Feel free to post in the campaign discussion if you wish to take it.

    Rules: Standard board rules all apply, obviously. Every player is allowed up to 2 characters, but only one of those two is allowed to be a Kamen Rider!

    Format: We can play around a bit with this, maybe keep it a bit like an actual TV show - switching scenes every now and then, perhaps even switching Episodes when we feel we have found a good spot to timejump forward a bit.


    Even if there is no god or Buddha... there is Kamen Rider.

    A saying as old as the first appearances of the Kaijin, by now many years ago - back in the 80's, when the first modified human monsters, freakish alien hybrids and mutants known as the Kaijin caused havoc, Kamen Riders rose to defend humanity. This is the story of a few unlikely heroes that carry the power to protect the innocent by chance... And our story begins with a man without a name.


    A white ceiling - that was the first memory that would burn itself into the memory of a man of undetermined age as he woke up. It took him a long time to start actively thinking - and worrying. Where was he, and why was he just laying here, staring at a white ceiling? But even more important... who was he? Slowly, the man with black hair that had started to gray slightly lifted his head, slowly looking to the side - his eyes meeting with those of a nurse that looked quite surprised to see her patient moving.
    "...Excuse me. Do you happen to know who I am?"

    Over the next few days, the man learned a few details about himself. Apparently, he had been brought here with horrific injuries, including a cracked skull and internal bleeding - the brain damage he had suffered from those had probably eroded his memory. While his recovery was incredible, a restoration of his memory was... unlikely, to say the least. In fact, the doctors were quickly astonished by him even retaining the ability to speak and move - his injuries should have rendered him a vegetable for life. But despite this... nobody knew just who he was. He looked to be of mixed descent, not fully Japanese, yet he spoke the language flawlessly even without any help - but couldn't remember any other languages right away. All that had been found on him was returned as he recovered - a small, strange metal stick, a deck of playing cards - which were almost all missing their images, only revealing white space - and a belt buckle without any corresponding belt.

    Without a name or any money to him, the strange man was quickly saddled with quite a bit of debt as he was slowly reaching release from the hospital - he had been in a coma for a long time, after all. And so, on the day he was released from the hospital, a single question loomed over him...

    Just how in the name of the lord was he supposed to get that money?!


    With a sigh, Sieg counted the measly few bills he had just earned, still standing next to the employee-entrance of the shabby little stage he had just performed on. Well, it would be enough to get him a bottle of cheap alcohol and hold off his landlord from kicking him out for at least a week, so that should be good - if he managed to actually get another show somewhere this week, maybe he'd actually make one of his monthly payments. ... But that was just crazy talk, so the stage magician in his slightly shabby and torn white outfit began walking down the alley. If the people watching knew that he was using ACTUAL magic for his tricks, would they pay him more or less? It probably wasn't worth the risk to try. With another sigh, Sieg prepared to head to the 24 hour convenience store and just drink himself into another stupor to ignore the constant pain he suffered from... when a sharp scream ripped through the night, not too far from him.

    Nothing was ever easy.


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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Raiki on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:02 am

    Kamen Rider?

    What are they? Heroes? Back in the 70’s they raised to help defend the helpless. But in that time what did they fight? Monsters only known as Kaijin these creatures attacked day after day, year after year, never stopping never wavering in force. Sometimes these monsters are lead by powerful commanders who work towards a common goal. Shocker was once such organization that created many monsters....but also the dark reflections of the heroes. Shocker Riders. Beings with the same skills and more. Dark soldiers who did the great leaders bidding, assassins who held enough power to shake this world. But many years ago the fall of the Badan Empire seemed to be the final time the great leader was active. But he regrew what he has lost recreating shocker from the bottom up. Recreating the shocker riders to be his personal guards and backup bodies.

    In fact one of them was his personal Shocker Rider. A loyal tool who he sent out to kill and destroy whatever opposed him. To the great leader it was Shocker Rider X series model 1971. But the great leader had to give it a special name as his personal right hand so he named it Sephtis. However unknown time ago on a simple mission to assassinate a another member of the reborn shocker, Sephtis vanished after completing his mission.

    The coldness in the air, the sharpness of the world around him as he awoke from his slumber. Annoyed over the fact he missed an important job meeting, he lazily rolled out of his simple designed bed. Anything more complex than simple mattress and sheets were nothing but annoyances. Getting ready for the morning he moved his hand through his hair, to smooth it out before applying his normal style in it. And after getting dress, everything was so simple why couldn't these other people in this damn apartment be as simple to deal with as placing on a outfit. He had to get a job to fit in now, working a mechanic helps pays the bills. It’s been qutie a long time since he had a “normal” life. While he can’t recall the last 48 hours in his memory of that day. He does know whatever happened in the simple matter of assassination the target, left his body broken but this brokenness gave him something shocker took away from him... his own free will back. Taking the time to slowly repair his damaged systems took longer than expected, but he was being careful not to trigger the shocker brainwashing program again. He had no memories of his real past self, so he had to make up a cover story of a life he never had. Qutie tiresome always having to make up a lie for everything in this new life.

    Even his name was a joke that no one even noticed Nanashi Gombe all it was missing was a no in this country and you had the perfect name for him. An idiot who forgot their own name, thankfully he used different kaiji to hide that horrible joke. A good thing about his body now is since the human appearance is merely a living tissue infiltration outer sheath allowing him to mimic humans and blend into a crowd. A good thing this skin generates the bio-electric field, also allows him to bleed, sweat, regrow, age, and even have bad breathe. However if one were to get past what is normally “muscles tissue” They would find how much more machine than man he turly was, the only thing human anymore is his brain, and even then how much of his brain became robotatic in the process. Having spent all this time basically what amounts to bemoaning his existence, he noticed he was almost late to his job.

    Hours ticked away like seconds to him, repairing busted up vehicles, covered in oil and sweat. At least the job keeps him busy and get a decent paycheck since he gets top dollar clients. He most of been working at this place for seemingly months by now. As the final hour of the night hit, he clocked his time, got his money and out the door, like clockwork. Now walking back home, something clicked on in the back of his head, his mind slowly going blank, he was still aware, he only gets like this when his systems notice something a threat that needs to be removed. Normally this is a hit list for shocker itself, and he would go swiftly kill the targets, but now every monster he senses becomes a target. The good news, the automatic messages his brain sends to shocker, only sends info if he successfully killed a target. Meaning for every monster he kills, shocker doesn't bother looking for him. But also this means his body is on auto-pilot till he kills the monsters nearby.

    Now let's move the clock forward, the once strong city block now charred, blackened earth and plants destroyed by fire. The atmosphere made every citizen shiver and the howling wind sorrowfully cried around this nightmare. The crackling of fire underfoot. Many citizens looked around for signs of happiness or hope, but instead they only saw horror. The choking air itself forced its way into the lungs of the living, like death itself replacing life. They only saw one lone “Rider” and two monsters being brutally attacked, they weren't even sure who was the evil one. One the monsters was bleeding, having bones and bits of brain exposed, while the other was trying to help the damaged one back up. Mercy seemed like a blessing now, but this rider kept attacking the open wounds, even gouging out bits of brain. “Time for this to end” the first time he spoke during this whole ordeal, the monsters simply shake with fear as this devil threw a grenade towards the wounded one. Sharp microfilament bladed wires exploded it wrapping around the wounded one, slowly crushing its limbs ripping the monster apart. However before it was fully finished the wires stop only to tighten leaving the limbs it would of lost hanging off, still very much alive. The rider only walked up and grabbed its neck slowly crushing it, till all movement stopped. Only now does the rider hand glow with energy and send it though the monster, causing to explode.

    The other monster that there was beyond scared, it turned into a human before the rider, a female, and started screaming bloody murder. The other citizens started to scream as well, afterall this was no rider of justice, that wasn’t a fight. That fight was simply a horror show that created a warpath. Now the sky was one great, big chaotic mess; clouds jumbled up together with no sense of direction and no purpose except to block out any evidence of light. Their greyness seemed unreal; neither dead nor living, just there.

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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Tsubine on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:42 pm

    "Damn thing..." Investigator Matsuoka Renjiro of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Public Security Bureau (and was on loan for the time being) kicked the door to his car. It wasn't enough to dent it, but it was enough to cause the small white AE86 to shake. Those things sure could take a beating. The car wasn't starting, so he began to roll up his sleeves to do his standard ritual to bring the old yet lovable piece of crap back to life. That was when he heard the scream. He slammed the hood down and reached into his car for his jacket—and side-arm.

    The police officer ran down the streets towards commotion. He had his badge in hand, and his other hand was on his firearm. He was 35, and had only been in the city for a few years now. He was already an investigator in the PSB, but that was thanks to his time back in his hometown. He rounded a corner where people were gathered, his badge in hand. "Public Security," he yelled. "Stop thi—" Matsuoka froze. Those eyes. That armor. He began to shake. Flashbacks ran through his head in a marathon.

    A bridge collapsing.
    Unable to help.
    Have to save him.

    Matsuoka yelled and wildly unloaded his six rounds in the direction of the Kamen Rider.


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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Silim on Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:44 am

    Sieg came to a stuttering stop in his sprint as he reached the scene of the 'fight'. No, this wasn't even CLOSE to a fight - this was a slaughter. Terrified civilians, running away, pushing past the man in his white, gaudy stage outfit - others frozen in fear, some on the ground, a few possibly injured, and he was sure he could hear at least one child crying. A sharp pain rang through his head as loud bangs rang through the night - an officer of law, unloading his gun into the terrifying monster walking towards an innocent woman on the ground. That figure, the merciless, unfeeling eyes, the mask... A cold, disgusting fear ran through Sieg's body as he saw that being, though he didn't know why. It looked somewhat like a Kamen Rider, but... the blood on its fists, and this menacing glow of it's eyes...

    A single word rang through Sieg's mind now, a word he had never even heard before as far as he could remember. And because of that word, he knew that this policeman was in grave danger now. And despite his fear, the man with the splitting headache dashed forward, as if he too was a bullet fired from a gun, right next to the civilian on the ground. Pulling her to her feet rather roughly, he stood between her and the menacing mockery of a Rider before him.

    "Your bullets won't pierce that kind of armor! Get the civilian out of here, officer!" yelling to the policeman behind him, Sieg didn't take his eyes off of this monster for even a second. Without touching it, the white jacket of the man flew open, revealing his red shirt underneath... and the belt on his waist. The symbol of the 'suit of clubs'. He didn't know WHY he was doing this - it was utter insanity, really. He was a stage magician, for crying out loud. His spells were good for minor tricks or for keeping his drinks cold! Not for fighting monsters! But almost as if through sheer instinct, his left hand pulled out the short rod that had been found with him, as the right hand slid apart the belt buckle.

    "Open Up."

    "I won't let you! Nobody else... nobody else dies tonight!" With his proclamation, a shining card made out of purple energy shot out of the belt buckle, serving as a short-term barrier between him and the other rider. Only once before had he used this thing... But it was already second nature. Despite the terror he felt, Sieg couldn't help but give a reassuring smile to the woman behind him, and to the officer who had tried to face this creature.


    With a yell as old as the battle against Shocker, the energy card flew through the man in white - the only clean spot in this warzone, a shining spot, a speck of light, engulfed in complete light. The staff in his left hand extending out to its full length, the top of it flipping apart - the sign of the club, each part of it a sharpened blade and conduit of power at the same time, and as the light of the transformation ended, the green and golden armored man stood against the terror of the cyborg. The dark smog that had taken away what little light the night had was parted in the wake of the energy set free by the transformation.

    "Time to show you my trump card, monster. Come on!"


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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Raiki on Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:03 pm

    A slight turn in this “Rider” head towards the location of the smoking gun, must of been no older than early 40’s, Sephtis only looked into the officer for a moment, just long enough for his bullets to bounce off his body harmlessly towards the ground. Was this man panicking? Hard to tell, given the picture he must've seen. To him it would appear this “Rider” is attacking the citizen, however it won’t matter he would remove this kaijin from the face of the earth even if he is damning himself in front of others. Clinching his fist he looked towards the kaijin now hidden as a women ready to strike, however someone else was now in the way.

    This man helped the kaijin up, something clicked inside of Sephtis program scanning the person besides the kaijin all that appears when he scanned gave him nothing but blank information besides three simple words. -DESTROY THE TARGET- further scanning discovered a belt with the suit of clubs on it. As Sephtis scanned the figured now as a purple barrier appeared between them now, with a somewhat voiceless sigh Sephtis took a few small steps back not out of fear, just for the sake of convenience for this new factor. Sephtis posed himself not in a truly battle hardened stance, but one that is far too relaxed for this sort of thing to be happening as if he wasn’t going to fight but shall regardless. Raising up his arms one even far away could notice something was odd about Sephtis design, he was far to advance to appear unarmed what was he hiding?

    As the man transformed Sephtis just knew what he was fighting now and all he could do is break his pose for only a moment. “Kamen Rider are you protecting monsters now as well.” Raising his arms Sephtis showing off his shocker designed shackles around his wrists only to tug on them gently before clinching them into a fist. The shackle started to move and transform as well, they'd cover Sephtis hands and formed gauntlets, acting as arm guards. The gauntlets have a dull steel color and the shells inside are dark green and red. Inside there are chambers that holster a magazine consisting of 12 shells, giving 24 shots in total when both gauntlets are fully loaded. A silver-ish gray barrel is concealed in the front of the gauntlet, aligned between the knuckles of the index and middle finger

    “You however won’t be able to protect this one.” Sephtis slowly moved himself around the new rider, as if studying its actions and reactions before suddenly firing a single shot towards the female trying to maim the women in the torso not enough to tear her apart, but enough to make her bleed if the shot manage to hit. Then Sephtis fired two more in even quicker time than the first to make sure he would've hit her. Regardlessly of the two new people Sephtis finds himself intent on killing the women more than anything, if it comes to it, he shall fight the Kamen Rider. As for the cop, he might have to break a few bones and toss him aside, but till then he is only after the female.


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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

    Post by Silim on Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:08 am

    "The only monster here is you!" angrily shouting back at the obvious Shocker Rider, the Kamen Rider kept the bladed end of his weapon aimed straight at his enemy, slowly turning with the monster as it began to slowly circle him. His splitting headache really wasn't helping his mood, and transforming and fighting was REALLY not a nice thing to be doing while already in pain. The monster transformed more of its parts into weapons - somehow, that didn't even surprise Sieg, despite the fact that this was the first Shocker Rider he had ever encountered, at least as far as his memories were concerned. Perhaps being a Kamen Rider had simply made him less impressed by threats like this?

    Without much warning, the Shocker Rider struck again - by shooting at the civilian. Damn it! As fast as he could, the Kamen Rider jumped into the way of the bullets and swiped his staff across - the first bullet found itself cut in half by the sharp blades of the staff, but the other two struck right into the chest of the defender and threw him back with a groan of pain. Normal bullets couldn't even SCRATCH his armor, and these things had felt as if someone had just ran him over with a car - TWICE! Staggering, he remained on his feet, and his left hand drew a card from the deck on his side.
    "Don't get cocky, Shocker!" Grabbing onto his staff at the back, where a slot to scan cards was, he slid across the card in his hand.


    Swinging his staff forward, a storm of white and blue ice crystals and icy cold air shot forth from the bladed tip, right at the Shocker Rider - robot or transformed human, this attack had the ability to slow down, freeze and even cut right into everything it touched with sharp ice crystals. "I'm Kamen Rider Spider! Don't take me lightly!"

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    Re: Kamen Rider Spirits [Private, 1 spot open]

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