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    Example For Starting A Thread

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    Example For Starting A Thread

    Post by Serenity on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:50 pm

    How to start a thread on The Emerald Archive

    Starting threads are how to get your role play started. The first post of every role play will be something like this:

    Thread Rules
    1. You can make any rules you want.
    2. These rules will show people what you do and do not want to happen within your thread.
    3. Be careful not to make too many, otherwise you'll push people away and lower their interest in the prompt you're giving.
    4. These rules must be followed by every thread member. If they choose not to follow the rules, or maybe just forgot one, ask them to change their post and remind them of the rule that has been set.
    5. Think carefully. Once these rules have been set and the role playing has begun, they cannot be changed.
    6. If someone refuses to change their post to adhere to the rules you've already set, speak to an Admin.

    Thread Prompt

    The prompt of a thread is supposed to describe the setting and the world. Firstly, make sure to correctly place your thread in the right genre.

    The World: Explain  how the world works. What are the basics that every character would know? Is there magic? How high is the technology? Is there an evil being leading the world? Is it an apocalypse? How easily can people trust each other? Future, Modern, or Past setting? This can be as detailed as you want, but remember to consider your fellow members. Not everyone has the time or can keep up the interest in reading a long prompt, but this is also your decision to make.

    Current Setting: After setting the world, tell people where they're starting. If it's a sci-fi based role play in a space ship, give examples of current events to give the role player a state of mind to have their character in. Were they just crash landed on a new planet? Did a dragon attack their hometown? Did they just find out that someone plans to drop an asteroid on the planet? If you want, use images that you find to help with your descriptions.

    Player Amount: Lastly, how many people are you looking for? What is the max you want in your thread? If a lot of people are interested, it's possible to get 10 people in it, but 10 can be hard to manage. Do not forget this step.


    This is optional.

    If you want, you can start off the thread with your own post after you've introduced the topic. This will give people something to reply to and make it easier for them to join. Get your character out there and get your story started.

    Remember that this is a story you're creating with other people. Do not plan every little detail within the thread. Get the start and then see where you and your friends can take the story together.

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