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    The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space


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    The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Post by Kriemhild on Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:51 am

    The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Thread Rules

     1. Adhere to the site rules as stated here: Site Rules

    2. Replies do not need to be extremely long. Instead, keep them condensed and avoid fluff and useless information. Posts can even be one or two sentences long if there isn't anything a character would do or say.

    3. Keep extremely short 2-3 sentence replies to a minimum. If this is repeated, you've done something wrong with your character. Social interactions are going to be strong in this thread.

    4. Posting Headers/Images are allowed as long as they're not massive.

    5.   Quicker posting would ideally be one thing I'd love for this story, it's a big plot, and open world, so there are lots of social interactions and situational possibilities where characters can interact and so on and so forth.   i love when we all post quick as it excites me and the momentum moves along well, BUT I can understand,  so don't feel too pressured by this one.   I've even asked Dai to use one of his ideas from a past site to be able to do this.  

    6.  Character death CAN happen but I leave that choice up to the character's owner.  If they do die and you want them revived, because of the way this story works, I can allow a revival or two to occur where the death was prevented.  Or we can discuss something, whatever suits your needs.  

    (Note: Everything after number six is more or less more information than rule on how the story will operate, or what i'd like envisioned in the story, that sort of stuff.)

    7.   Collaboration of ideas.   So far,  I have the beginnings and the plot starter and motives behind it, but everything else is fair game at this point.   This story is essentially a semi-meta fantasy take on what would happen if traveling through time and changing the outcome of the past, how it would affect the future, and whether or not those actions truly benefit anyone in the grand scheme of things.   You can detail how something in history is now skewed because the course of a certain event was altered by the protagonists themselves and vice-versa.   You can even rotate and allow the group to be transported to said timelines to fix the event before it changes something in the future, and vice-versal    

    8.  Even though it'll be based in a modern setting(think Bleach or some of the other modern anime setting based stories), there will be magic.  Not sure if there will be magical creatures, but there will definitely be magic and variants of it.   The protagonists in particular should have some form of it, but it's not entirely required(they could even simply have magic potential and define it later on).   It's up to you; I’ll be controlling one of the protagonists who do, though.  

    9.     Do not at any moment, expect, a defined antagonist in this story.  The story’s  built in such a way that, even one of the protagonists could become a misunderstood antagonist or people who might seem like the villains could be trying to set time straight again,  it’s more of a war across time and space where there’s no clear hero nor villain.   Loyalties can change in the blink of an eye, so it should be interesting to see how our protagonists handle that, no?   I felt it was better to do it this way than rush/force out an antagonist with a corny motive.  

    10.  Type of time-travel:  Singular Line. Changes will affect the main timeline you are from.  No alternate timelines are created by time-travel. (Idea/pointer given to me by

    11.  If you want to make a skewed history in a specific country, place, area, or time, it can be a rotating system between us all.  Like I said before,  it’s a sort of narrative switch where you can describe if something or someone messed with that timeline and our group of heroic(?) protagonists have to fix it and get thrown into a wild situation or even a war in a past timeline or period.   It isn’t a required choice as we can completely just chose to be in the modern era/world and work off of that,  just a deal sweetener if you will.  

    12. More if neccesary/suggestions are given to add here.  

    Proposed Rating: PG-13 to R, depending on player wishes

    Thread Prompt

    The World:

    If all of the worlds made up to this point so far are either made with a large emphasis on fantasy or science fiction or simply the modern world as we know it, then this is a modern fantasy in hiding, where nothing is affected whatsoever(or so it seems).  The timelines and people who existed may be different but is essentially similar to our modern world with a catch.  It's the year of 2017, technology is still advancing, people are still living their day to day lives around the universe and no one is aware that this version of earth is essentially filled with remnants of magic from a bygone realm that existed once before.

    And no one would notice it either.  As the years passed, the belief in the arts of the arcane, be it alchemy, spirituality, or even the enlightened teachings of buddhism... waned to a point where outside of those who still believe in religion and its teachings,  even discussing that something like divine gods and magic exist will earn you nothing but ridicule.  To them, what you speak about is the type of stuff fit for occult television shows or roleplaying games and video games.  One thing that was clear, however, is that something was bound to change sooner or later and those lacking belief are blissfully unaware.  The Time world is one where nothing is quite what it seems and this becomes hugely more apparent as the story develops.  And it is also one where if you so wish, your decision to alter the past or the future can bring about a grand change on a large scale.  

    Current Setting:

    As noted before, the story takes place in 2017, and at first, everything in the world seems relatively normal at first, but deep in a secluded location,  away from the watchful eye of the modern world is Hepaestus Academy, built solely for Mages(or Magicians) and spiritualists who as a result of living around locations where divinity and spirituality is strong and widespread,  and possessing divine heritage even, hone their skills in secret with no one to judge them but their teachers and mentors.  Their skills manifest in the form of multiple abilities, stemming from a myriad of concepts, principles, and methods.  

    Some may develop quickly while others move at a slower pace but the vision for the academy is essentially a safe haven to those who could potentially be derided as "demons" or "monsters".  

    Each of those who join this campaign are given the choice between choosing to have a normal human, a magic user(or whatever he or she may be called I'm open to possible, cooler names) or a staff member at the school.  Ideally, though, to pursue the time travel part of this story, I'd like to have a group of aquitances, friends, or students that are convinced by a character I shall be controlling(who also serves as a protagonist in the story as well) to follow her around the corridors of the Academy and help her come across an artifact that quite simply, allows one to travel through time and space.

    Alternatively, perhaps they've already found the artifact and have been using it to change something in the past or present.  Or, they happen to see the character I control using it and or trying to access it and stop her or join in out of pure curiosity.

    Remember, however, that those changes start to severely affect the world around them and a universal war to fix the irregularities or allow them to remain is slowly but surely bound to break out.  From here, how they choose to handle it will determine if the universe is damaged beyond repair or if their changes are fixable in the grand scheme of things. The power, is quite literally, in their hands.  Though another option could quite honestly not even be an artifact and something else entirely, maybe someone in the group can utilize time in the form of magic, or vice-versa.  

    Player Amount: 3 would be heavenly, 4 is wishful thinking.  I'm open to more than one character slot so this is up to those who join if they want to set a number.

    [b]Character Creation Guidelines[/'b]: There are pretty much three types of ways you can make a character in this story. You can have an extra char slot if you want to make a side character and a main character, or vice versa.  You can choose to be a normal human whose.... really super duper normal or a human that has the potential to utilize magic in the future.

    You can choose to be someone at Hepaestus who teaches students or mentors them, hell if you want, maybe the vice-prinicpal, principal, headmaster, etc. etc.

    And as far as students go at the Academy goes, though I can't quite yet come to a conclusion if their strength is decided by rank or something else entirely,  the classes seperate those of the slow learners who have yet to grasp how to fully utilize magic properly from those who have accomplished near to full mastery of their craft.  You can be a student who has yet to learn or a prodigy who quickly rises through the ranks.  Some of this stuff is also fleshy, so nothing in this guideline is set in stone yet until we can discuss and rather than trying to message you guys on chatango or skype for suggestions,  My ears are wide open to suggestions, since I felt I rushed this just a tidbit... but that could just be me, I dunno.  Of course, some character history for the protagonists or characters you make wouldn't hurt either, how they ended up in the academy, and vice-versa.

    Since I didn't want to create anything that took away from a free-flowing, open-minded system, I'm not placing a large emphasis on how you wish for your character to wield their magic.

    But, the basic idea behind it all is that the magic can simply be a concept, principle, or theory, and from those, abilities can be created. So for example, if you want your character to wield the element of fire, perhaps it can manifest in the form of explosions with a widespread effect or perhaps rather than normal fire, if they have divine heritage, perhaps they have the blood of a past deity from one of the popular mythos, and that power manifests itself in the form of a divine element rather than the mundane.  The Same applies to principles and concepts.  So this means, if one is a buddhist by nature or practices that religion, their abilities can manifest in such forms as enlightement(being able to react on a higher level than most, possess a metaphorical third eye to their surroundings, or possess talismans that protect from evil) and, to take the example further, it
    can even be magic routed in scientic theory, like time, space, or scientic theories or natural phenemenon. Magic is full of endless possibilities, so don't feel restricted.  You can give me ideas on this, though, I'm open to anything, as I want this campaign to be a very enjoyable and epic experience.  

    Power-level wise, for this story though, I've always believed in characters that can be extremely strong, but also have a fair weakness.  So my limits are that if any of us have a strong character,  just don't be too ridiculous with the power levels.  I'm open to suggestions on this, too.
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    Re: The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Post by Serenity on Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:35 pm

    Oh, okay. So this is gonna be some advanced and open Harry Potter shit, but better. Yeah, I like. Before I confirm joining, which I think I will be joining, I have a few questions are suggestions:

    First off, I love the idea that people can make both a main character and side character. It allows people to have "resources" in the background if something like that is needed.

    Secondly, I would personally prefer this to start off without the artifact in hand. It gives a sense of adventure and makes it where these particular people found out about something amazing and are secretly searching for it. So the ideas of getting caught and other people finding out about what they're looking for would be something the characters have to look out for and be careful about.

    Thirdly, I think time magic should be something that was thought impossible, so finding this artifact is major for these guys. It'll give them a power that no one else in the world has and makes it more enticing for people to try and look for it. If someone can just manipulate it with their own magic, it really just makes that character like the "rich kid" that everyone wants to hang out with because of the money, ya know? It's better if it's an artifact.

    Fourthly, the schools separation system is a good idea. I do have a suggestion on how it should be done:

    Similar to Harry Potter, separate them by name. Maybe give them six classes that are named off of something... The first thing that comes to mind is metals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.... OR gems: Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond (again lol) Diamond would be the most powerful group and the hardest to get into on both accounts... The rest less powerful and the students have to prove themselves to get into those higher classes. So everyone would start at the bottom and work their way up.

    And because I'm a big baby who likes to be looked up to, I wanna make someone from the most powerful class! >=( Me be scary!

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    Re: The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Post by Kriemhild on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:36 am

    First, off, i just want to say that I'm elated that you love my story idea! >w< Yes, the base idea for this story is like all my favorite anime and chuu2 series that include a large emphasis on magic and the harry potter part was definitely a large part of why I decided to go with the Academy, as it opens up so many social and hilarious hijink interactions, maybe the group gets into trouble like harry and his gang do and get scolded and just like gah, so much more!

    So let me agree with all of your points in order, so it makes things easier, because i like, love all of them.

    1. Yeah, that was the idea. The side characters could even remain in one world, while the time traveling crew is on a mission, if the plot gets a little post heavy and we all just want a break from the narration, or even the side characters end up helping as support in one way or another? Like partners in crime or familiars, and so on and so forth. So we're definitely in agreement on this one. good stuff!

    2. This is what I'm leaning towards having happen. I just wanted to present multiple ideas for others, but I love the sense of adventure in any story, so having them find it first as a sort of challenge to one another or just to see if it actually exists would be perfect if everyone else included is fine with it.

    3. My protagonist will probably have time magic(and not of the the time travel variety), but only because of her history and who she was raised by in this story. That said, while it'd be powerful, she could probably keep it a secret, and two, it's in no way reaches the level of the type of time magic that requires one to literally travel through time and what not. So, I agree that it should be thought to be incredibly rare and thought to be impossible to manipulate. and Even if I make my protagonist have it, it'd be VERY taxing and life-threatening, so maybe she'd use other spells occasionally as subsitutes. Her motivation in this story especially ties into this as she wants to find the artifact and learn about her origin.

    4. <--- Me pretty much to this idea right here. The gem idea speaks to me partly because i'm a huge steven universe nut, but also because I LOVE the idea of doing it this way. The better they get, the more they level up and get to the higher levels as a student. I love the idea, like SUPER love it.

    As far as character creation goes, you can definitely go ahead and make someone from the Diamond class(if we roll with the gem idea), and I probably will, too, so our characters could probably relate to one another and what not.


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    Re: The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Post by Silim on Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:29 pm

    After having helped Agito get this stuff posted up its about time for me to reply to it, as well!

    First of all, there's one 'special' character that I'll rarely control - someone close to Agito's main character, who was the original 'inventor' of the artifact that allows for time to be changed. Needless to say, he'll be less than pleased at them bending over the time-space continuum and going in dry.

    For my actual character to mainly control? I'm unsure, actually. Maybe a teacher that supports the group?

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    Re: The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

    Post by Kriemhild on Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:16 am

    Welcome aboard, Silim!  Was dutifully awaiting your time to finally post here.  We've already discussed the one occasional, rare character you will be using here,  so your spot was guaranteed from the beginning.

    Now, as far as a main controlled character goes, ideally, I would like for you to come up with an idea for a main character so the group compliments each other as students. The teacher would definitely be a great idea as a supporter to them.  As a main, it'd only mean that Serenity and I's characters are more of a duo, and while that would be incredibly cool,  3 would be the ideal fit and make me kick start the story sooner once we set everything up(plus I think with three of us, give or take, while the muse is high, we could post faster. )  

    Anyways, I came up with this study template way of how magic is learned and approached called the "Magic theory" and it's not really any technique anyone has to worry about posting in their template, just an idea of how they learn and break down magic and how they learn to wield it and what not.  


    Magic Theory:  Magic theory is a neither technique nor principle,  but a unified system of  concepts that underpin  the operation of magic analysis within Hepaestus- that is to say, it is the idea that magic can be accessed through multiple outlets,  tools, or even the authority of the user him/herself.   Encompassing all forms of sorcery,   Magic Theory seeks to diverge each form of supernatural powers into various abilities and paths that allow the Magicians to affect the world around them or supplement their own body with abnormal  skill,  use their language as a weapon of divine might through chanting and  - for those having reached the highest plateau,  conjure otherworldly phenomenon, manipulate concepts that defy common reality,  and  summon divine creatures from the universal pantheon of mythology.  

    Students who possesses meager talent with high potential to use magic normally undergo classes that pertain to the study of the esoteric, be it through reading ancient texts that correlate with the spiritual spectrum(Buddhism,  Kabbalah,  Shintoism,  Hermetecism,) or  conducting arcane experiments that seek to manipulate matter and alter the physical(Alchemy and Qigong),   and so on and so forth.  

    Those who are naturally well endowed with arcane mastery are typically taught how to hone their craft and are taught,  mentored, or  watched over by the schools most consummate teachers or the headmaster,  only as a precaution that they won't seek to use their talents for the wrong purpose;  in a sense, they are treated like royalty.  

    Those working through the ranks  must earn a name for themselves  through challenging other students through contests using their special abilities to complete a task or achieve a certain goal within a designated amount of time and other activities.

    Weaker students may even seek out the guidance of the master students but only if the master-student acquiesces to the idea.   In conclusion,  to reiterate a point from earlier,  Magic Theory exists merely as a starting point of study that allows aspiring magicians an easier path to what they wish to access in the realm of Sorcery.

    Layman's version: Quite simply,  a starting point by which most magic users can access different modes or paths on how to learn a specific magic discipline or disciplines.  These can happen in a variety of ways such as using tomes, ancient books,  weapons,  or even chants,  latin, and so on and so forth.   Those with mastery possess an authority over their skill that allows them to cast spells with overwhelming accuracy while the others must work through the ranks to attain such a level.   Again, Magic theory is not something to look at as an ability but simply that there are multiple theories around the world on how magic works and it simplifies them into one unified system without too much complication.    Magicians can use things like runes,  wands as conductors for their magic,  or control their magic with the flick of a flinger or through chants.  In the simplest term, the sky's the limit.

    Those with special, top of the line talent=Royalty
    Those with high potential but lacking in skill=Mongrels(Just kidding)  Underdogs.  

    Spoilered it, so you can just pop it out to read and close again, and so I can write out some other ideas I had in my mind.  

    Towards the end, I spoke about the ranking system within Hepaestus, and for the most part, didn't yet put out a defined one, but would really more than likely love to go with Serenity's.  Diamonds are the crème de la crème, the upper crust, and the most accomplished of students, who have a special gift/natural affinity for magic.  As such, I thought about them being student-mentors to an extent, but this doesn't have to be set in stone, just something I put out there while writing it down.

    Second, this is more of a question that could turn into an idea, but does everyone like the free form idea with the Magic theory and would rather they fall under techniques you can name or would you like me to get to work and think of a point from which their power actually starts? Just a thought.  

    I was thinking of using cool names like Arche( or something else to that degree, but that's the only thing i'm thinking on. Magic Theory is how they end up learning to study and acquire access, but i'm wondering how you all would like your spells to occur and what not, so a character sheet can start getting cooked up. Another idea is that based on the free form magic theory, the magic can be done in two ways.

    If it's an already set in stone concept or theory in the world, you can simply list it as concept= element/name like (Fire/wind/earth) and if you so wish, you can give it a magic name or title, if it happens to be different from the way we know elements work in the world. If it's based on say, a theory already in say something metaphysical or philosphical(like what I posted with Arche or eastern and greek cocnepts), than you can have it as concept= and type=divine or Archaic, etc.

    Thus, I think in this way, once I flesh out a sheet, it still gives the feel of a free form way of pursuing things while having a basis from which the abilities can stem, whether or not they need to say something via language/words(Think harry potter for example with the latin or Shikai/Bankai in Bleach) to summon something or activate an ability or if they can naturally/active/passively actrivate their magic with a snap of their finger.

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    Re: The Time World: A Journey Across Time and Space

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