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    Silim's Character Profile List



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    Silim's Character Profile List

    Post by Silim on Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:26 pm

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    Re: Silim's Character Profile List

    Post by Silim on Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:33 pm

    Jonathan Stein

    Age: 22
    Game World: The Shell
    Occupation: Field Scientist, Old Earth specialization.
    Current Status: On mission in The Closed World

    Jonathan Stein is a field scientist with old family ties that can be traced back to before the construction of the Shell, from the region formerly known as Germany. Generally a family of intellectuals and scientists, Jonathan didn't have much choice in his life as to what he could really become. While not exactly dumb, he never felt like he could meet the insane standards of his family as well as his older brother could, leading to him feeling distant from his entire family even during primary school years. This feeling of isolation only continued further down the road.

    When it finally got to actual laboratory work, though, he finally thrived. He quickly found that technology was far more agreeable and easy to socialize with when compared to human beings, causing him to be somewhat of a shut-in all throughout high school and university. Taking up an interest in Old Earth research - mostly because there, he wouldn't have to work with any of his distant relatives - he signed up officially to become an on-site field scientist instead of working on a doctorate in some sheltered laboratory, where he'd only get to work with sterile, old samples and never make huge advances. He wants to prove himself as on par, no, as BETTER than his family, and the only way to do that is to learn more about Old Earth than anyone has ever learned before.


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    Re: Silim's Character Profile List

    Post by Silim on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:09 am

    Kirai Tsumagi

    Age: 52
    Game World: InuYasha AU: The Bakumatsu Period
    Race: Half-Demon (Kitsune)
    Powers: Shapeshifting, Foxfire (cold flames), sharp claws, minor nature magic, half-demon physiology (enhanced durability, enhanced strength, enhanced speed)
    Weaknesses: No combat training, can't use any type of weapon effectively, loses all demonic power and becomes human during the night of the new moon (with weakening slowly over the day leading up to it)
    Demon Takeover Form:

    Kirai is - at least by Half-Demon standards - still a young man, though he doesn't feel like it at times. The result of a little 'accident' his mother, a, in her own right, powerful Kitsune sorceress, had with a rather charming man of noble birth, Kirai faced the age old problem of Half-Demons, one that didn't disappear together with most of their kind: Not belonging into either world. He didn't have the strength and instincts of a demon, but he was too deeply entrenched in the spiritual world to ever live among humans - thankfully, his mother wasn't fully dismissive of him, like some demons might've been to half-blooded offspring.

    From her, Kirai learned his two most important skills: The art of transformation, to hide his demonic features and even shapeshift into objects and other human guises when needed... and the art of deception. To never let another see what you feel, what you really think - a tricky thing to do at times, but the thing that had kept his mother and her clan - which might be the last clan of living Kitsune in Japan, they simply don't know for sure - safe against the growing strength of mankind.

    However, said other demons weren't nearly as nice to Kirai as his own flesh and blood. Dismissive, sometimes outright abusive - though never physically. This lead to a resentment towards 'purebloods' in his mind, as well as incredible envy - magic that took him years to learn took them moments. As a teen, he came to a crushing realization: No matter what he did, he'd NEVER be as amazing as his mother, he'd never live as long as true demons, and if he continued staying with the clan, he'd be their outlet for frustration for the rest of his life. And so, Kirai left his old life behind.

    On his travels, Kirai always has a smile on his face and a friendly gesture to give towards others. He IS known to be quite troublesome for others at times, though - playing mostly harmless pranks on people, running without paying for his food, and sometimes just NOT knowing when it would be a better idea to shut up instead of continuing to flap his gums. His goal during these travels is 'simple': Find a way to become either a full demon, or at least become as strong as one. He follows this goal ruthlessly - even when smiling and being a goof-off, he is ALWAYS trying to work towards his goal. He's normally not a violent person, but his claws ARE sharp and will be used to carve his way to the top if he has to.

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    Re: Silim's Character Profile List

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